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Field Care

The Best Mount...
…starts in the field. Bad field care can mean the difference between a mediocre mount and a great one. It’s important to keep as much of the usable hide as possible to get the best finished product. Some species are prone to losing hair. Most hides can be damaged or destroyed by being dragged or hung wrong. If you’re planning to hunt and think you may be getting it mounted, talk to us about the best way to preserve the hide before you hit the fields.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind!

  1. Fish - need to stay on top in the ice chest, wrapped in a wet towel or cloth and put into freezer as soon as possible until taken to the taxidermist
  2. Ducks - need to be kept dry as possible until placed into a Ziploc/plastic bag and placed into freezer until taken to the taxidermist. (DO NOT PUT DUCKS IN PANTYHOSE)
  3. Large Game - (shoulder mounts) need to be skinned out behind front legs, without cutting into brisket and kept cold and then placed into freezer until taken to the taxidermist. Do not let hides sit in standing water in the bottom of the ice chest, this can ruin hides.
  4. Life Size - please call for skinning recommendations.

Please call 509-951-8204 if you have any questions about proper fieldcare before embarking on skinning your trophy!